We create and energise Movements and Compass Companies.

Miesiyu is expert on developing razor-sharp business strategies, marketing plans, engaging communication and design for organisations that like to make people an active part of their mission. We have the strategic and creative capacity to bring to life that unique bond between a company and its audience. So it becomes a source of inspiration, identification and activation at the most primal level. For people outside and inside the organisation.

  • Impact Based Strategy

  • Engaging Creativity

  • Cosmopolitan Design

  • Movement Maker

  • Joyful Activist

  • Never a dull moment

Through a movement prism we reflect the essence of a company into the emotional drivers and core needs of its target audience. Resulting in an impact based blue print with a cutting edge brand (re)positioning, an inspiring vision, a mission that naturally leads to share of heart and voice; a crystal clear route for all elementary business processes.
Building a Movement or Compass Company does not happen overnight. It starts with a cut-to-the-bone brand essence and conducting thorough focus group research. Based on those outcomes we create holistic marketing plans with practical steppingstones to make people inside and outside the organisation an active part of its mission.
We create engaging campaigns which are mostly activated by intrinsically driven brand ambassadors. Online, offline and beyond. From print to websites, videos, TVC, radio and events. We make sure that an organisation becomes and stays an authentic Movement or Compass Company in stead of a marketing enticed life style brand.
It’s also the essence of aesthetics and creativity, the beautiful visual work that Miesiyu is known for. We design value-fit brand identities that strengthen our clients core messages. Including logo, typography and color scheme. That can be transmitted via a series of products (business card, website) and outputs (FB, Insta, press releases).


The Power is in the People.

It’s crucial for every organisation to build meaningful loyal relationships. Whether it concerns customers, employees, partners, shareholders, sponsors or suppliers. That’s why we give our clients a practical holistic plan with specific ways in which they can purposefully make people inside and outside the organisation an active part of their mission. These intrinsically driven people will eventually become their most passionate ambassadors who want to work for and live up to the inspiring goals of the company.


This is not a poem.

You’ll need money and sunsets

and road trips and airplanes

and targets and TikTok and

new things and old things.

But more than anything else

you’ll need like-hearted people.

Wencke Van Amstel, ECD Miesiyu (2015).