Museum of World Cultures

National Museum of World Cultures

Institute for cultural diversity.

In cooperation with Freelancers United we developed a business and marketing strategy for the merger of Tropenmuseum, Museum Volkenkunde, Afrika Museum and Wereld Museum into the overarching National Museum of World Cultures. Main goal was becoming the institute for cultural diversity. Not only via growth of the number of visitors, but also via strengthening its brand imago and its authority within the field of cultural diversity, intercultural relationships and humanity. The museum wanted to open up and share their knowledge with far more people. Herewith enlarging its contribution to the development of our society. In line with this strategy Miesiyu created several campaigns to promote their exhibitions.


All about us people.

Museum of World Cultures states that you will get further in life if you understand the world better. That is why they cherish thousands of objects from all nooks and crannies of the world, as these are pre-eminently a flywheel for dialogue about cultural diversity and dynamics. Not least, because most of these objects are stolen from people during the Dutch colonial era. Around these objects the museum creates exhibitions and educational programs so that you can place, respect, admire and appreciate the way in which we differ from each other. And at the same time, discover that people around the world often laugh, get angry or are moved about the same things as you are.