Restoring our bond with nature.

Staatsbosbeheer is commissioned by the Dutch government to strengthen the position of nature in the Netherlands. Together with society, they are committed to ensure that current and future generations are able to experience the many essential values of nature, balanced with sustainable use of our protected areas. So in cooperation with Staatsbosbeheer Miesiyu developed a communication strategy which opened the brand up to families with children especially. Because playing among trees and grass and running wild in the woods and fields reduces over-excitement and stimulates creativity. Moreover if children lose contact with nature they won’t fight for it.

Invitation to become Serious Friends on wrap Tony's bar
Take the right angle with photographer Joshua Kissi


I'm a child of Mother Nature.

In line with the developed strategy to bring families and the natural world back together Miesiyu created a PR driven event that highlighted the intimate relationship between nature and people. Because for many people, especially for the city-lovers among us, the relationship with nature has ceased to be self-evident and is far from reciprocal.