We are a New Economy agency.

With joy Miesiyu presents a new style of doing business in a world with finite resources and social boundaries. We create and energise Movements and Compass Companies. These highly engaging organisations prove that commercial success merges seamlessly with having a positive impact on the lives of people, society and the future.

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Tony’s Chocolonely
Erasmus MC
National Museum of World Cultures
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We create and energise Movements and Compass Companies.

We create razor-sharp business strategies, marketing plans, engaging communication and design for organisations and social enterprises that like to make people and other companies an intrinsically active part of their mission. Herewith revolutionising their standing in society.

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What our clients have to say…

‘Miesiyu has a strong feel and passion for the undercurrent in society. They capture relevant topics, inspire in a convincing way and curate creativity to make meaningful, relevant and impactful communication.’

Pascal van Ham – Vice Precident Marketing INFARM (Former Marketing Director Tony’s Chocolonely).

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