About Miesiyu

This is not a poem

You’ll need money and sunsets

and road trips and airplanes

and targets and TikTok and

new things and old things.

But more than anything else

you’ll need like-hearted people.

Why we exist

We are a new economy agency

With joy Miesiyu presents a new style of doing business in a world with finite resources and social boundaries. Together with our clients we prove firstly, that commercial success merges seamlessly with having a positive impact on the lives of people, society and the future. And secondly, that organisations can have social impact, be highly profitable and super spicy at one and the same time!
What we believe

Nobody is an island

We believe that everyone and everything is connected to one another. Nobody is an island. Independence does not exist. Since we’re all dependent on eachother, our way of thinking, behaving and communicating, whether it concerns people or businesses, requires equality and the willingness to share.
What we know

Marketing must be all about us people

To become and remain successful as a company, it’s essential to build strong bonds with people who are intrinsically driven to support your growth. Specialists in neuroscience affirm that all people are driven by emotions. Not by reason. So true engagement comes from within. Consequently, marketing and communication should be all about us people and the lives we’re living. The Good. The Bad. The Charm. The Tragic. The Ecstatic. The Love. The Loss.
How we work

We connect the hearts of brands to the hearts of people

We have the strategic and creative capacity to bring to life that unique bond between a company and its people. Whether it concerns their customers, clients, employees, partners or suppliers. To connect brands and people exactly at this elementary deep emotional – heart to heart – level, Miesiyu makes use of a specially developed method, called Primal Focus™. Our proven to be effective method goes beyond the limited process of targeting people traditionally through age, sex, education and income. And instead concentrates on reflecting and targeting peoples rational, attitudes, emotional connections and behavioral drivers.
What we do

We create razor-sharp business strategies, heart to heart communication and engaging design

Miesiyu takes pride and joy in developing razor-sharp business strategies, heart to heart communication and engaging design for organisations that like to make people an active part of their mission. We help them to become a source of inspiration, identification and activation at the most primal level. Herewith revolutionising their standing in society and improving their profitability.
Our horizon

Honest, sustainable and humane society

Our common ways of doing business, that necessitate profit maximalisation and endless growth, deserve the blame of inhumanities and the destruction of nature. Nowadays global socio-economic innovation doesn’t come from left or right political wings yet finds its origin in the business world. Miesiyu likes to be part of this all-changing wave and invites any other company out there to hop on too!

Areas of expertise

Business strategy

Heart to heart marketing

Engaging communication

Aesthetics and creativity