Areas of expertise

Business strategy

In close collaboration with our clients we create business strategies to make people inside and outside their organization an active part of their mission. The prior strategic process includes reflecting a company’s brand essence into the emotional drivers and core needs of its target audience. Resulting in a well thought out goal-oriented plan with practical steppingstones for all elementary business processes, including recruitment and HR policies.

Heart to heart marketing

Building a brand does not happen overnight. It starts with a cut-to-the-bone brand essence, an unique and inspiring single minded proposition and conducting thorough focus group research. Regarding the latter, we specifically go beyond the limited process of targeting people traditionally through age, gender, education and income. And focus instead on reflecting and targeting people’s rational, their attitudes, emotional connections and behavioral drivers.

Engaging communication

True engagement comes from within. Therefor we mainly create ambassador driven communication involving like-hearted people that may not even think alike, but for sure do love alike and are intrinsically driven to support growth of the relevant company. So we prefer authentic growth based on an inspiring proposition that naturally leads to share of heart and voice. Artificial growth does run faster yet involves high marketing budgets and low levels of loyalty.

Aesthetics and creativity

It’s also the essence of aesthetics and creativity, the beautiful visual work and expressive use of languages that Miesiyu is known for. Online, offline and beyond. From websites, video’s and classic television commercials to printed ads, online campaigning and events. Next to creating artful illustrations and animations we design value-fit brand identities that strengthen our clients core messages. That can be transmitted via a series of products and outputs.