Erasmus MC

Committed to women-centered health care

Together with Erasmus MC Rotterdam Miesiyu created the platform Woke Women, a Dutch collective of skilled women working in the areas of science, (social) medicine and midwifery. Woke Women is of vital importance, because there still exists a medical blind spot within the current health care system when it comes to women’s health and wellbeing. Resulting too many late or incorrect diagnoses, higher burden of disease, inadequate treatments, lower quality of life, unnecessary illness and – in the worst case – avoidable (child) mortality. Therefor Woke Women roots strongly for women-centered care. Starting by campaigning on preconceptional lifestyle interventions.

Breaking barriers with fashionable feminism

Most governmental health programs exclude aesthetics, imagination and cross cultural expressions. ‘That is not necessary, as long as it is clear’ is the usual view. Therefore many health care and/or prevention campaigns have little to no effect or bleed to death due to lack of appeal. Woke Women’s social marketing strategy went far beyond this classic image and evolved to be an inspiring player in the field of health and behavioral influence.