Limburgs Museum

A small museum of great societal importance

Total Design asked Miesiyu to help them develop a particularly outspoken positioning and a conceptual framework for future expo communication. The resulting strategy and unique single minded brand proposition ‘Van ós. Voor iedereen’ (From us. For everyone) yielded in clear and self-confident design with inventiveness and conceptual power. Our joint efforts regarding this extraordinary project are awarded with being featured in Behance, with the Golden International Design Award (IDA) and the German Design Award in Frankfurt. Yet the Limburgs Museum deserves all glory. By inspiring visitors to look at the world with an open mind and to discover how to relate themselves to that, the museum contributes to a stronger, more involved society.

Museum with Schwung

Rolling logo

‘Van ós’ means ‘from us’ in the Limburg dialect. It captures what the Limburgs Museum stands for: sharing mind-shifting experiences to connect people inside and outside Limburg and people of the past and the present. The logo underlines the continues changes that occure in people’s life and their environment. The graceful graphic line crossing all kinds of images is a metaphor for the movement of the Maas river through the Limburg landscape, influencing and connecting everything and everyone.