Building Heroes

Home for the heroes in construction and infra

In cooperation with Freelancers United Miesiyu developed a merger marketing strategy to unite three different recruitment organisations within the fields of construction and infra into one overarching ‘Company of the Future’. Resulting in the birth of Building Heroes. At the core of this brand lies its wish for continuous investment in reciprocal relationships with and between its talents and clients. Hereby creating chances for everyone to flourish on more than one level; we do it together or we don’t do it at all. With this route we stepped away from the common self-interest driven ways of working within the recruitment domain.

Passion for honest workmanship

In line with the marketing strategy Miesiyu created a corporate identity, tone of voice and communication items that highlight Building Heroes’ social sustainable working environment. Also by connecting photographed and filmed portraits of their talents to images of hand tools and materials typically found on their construction sites, we underlined Building Heroes’ passion for honest workmanship and craftsmanship.