Super Chill

Reducing children’s stress levels

Mental health problems among young children is a growing issue that needs serious attention. Therefore Rituals Cosmetics and De Nieuwe Yoga School decided to found Super Chill together. Super Chill’s build around a mobile app with classroom yoga and mindfulness exercises to help primary school children and their teachers deal with stress and work pressure. Rituals asked Miesiyu to develop a strong strategic foundation for Super Chill’s marketing and communication. So we created an impact based business plan including the company’s name, a movement marketing plan, the corporate identity and ambassador driven communication.

Humans are animals too

Our home made illustrations feature animals with human-recognizable behaviors, interactions and emotions. The visuals are intuitive and associative with a big aloha smile. Natural elements like flowers, leaves and butterflies alternate with materialistic wanna haves like sunglasses, contemporary design items and sneakers. As if we’re saying; also with Gucci glasses on your nose you still can be pretty mindful. Super Chill is one cheerful change maker; colorful, offbeat, humorous and slightly challenging.

Going for structural change of our educational system

We inspired Rituals and De Nieuwe Yoga School to go for structural change. So not only helping children and their teachers to better deal with stress, but to actually do something about their huge workload too. By shed some light on its causal source: the performance driven vision on education. Change of the current education system is certainly not done in one go and cannot be done alone. That’s why Super Chill joins forces with primary schools, parents, policy makers and politicians. When it comes to children’s well-being, no mountain is high enough for Super Chill.