Lucy Knows

Because every big change in the world starts at a dinner table

Lucy Knows grew out of the collaboration between Amsterdam based smoothie bar Shake City and Miesiyu. We both agreed that if we really want to make sustainable eating habits a reality, people need more than science, technological innovation and political pressure. That’s why Lucy Knows roots for a spiritual and cultural transformation instead. That doesn’t mean we tell people exactly what to do or pretend that we have all the answers. What we’re saying is, that this is the time to desire other things than what we have inherited. Other food and beverages to begin with.
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We're currently looking for sound and safe ways to bring Lucy Knows on the market, as new potential investors are still reporting their interest!

Who the hell is Lucy and what exactly does she know?

Lucy is our most famous ancestor, the downright predessor of Modern Man. About 3.2 million years ago she lived with her tribe in African forests and savannas; traveling by feet, sleeping in caves and trees, eating ripe fruits, seeds, roots, nuts, algaes and insects, drinking juices and water. Lucy is astonished to find that us people have forgotten all about this ancient yet 100% circular way of living of hers. Considering the deep shit humanity is in right now, Lucy chooses drastic action. Crossing the borders of time and space, she decides to come back and start a company. With one goal only: bring Modern Society back to its ancient foodroots.

We didn’t listen to the scientists, so we better start listening to her! 

Needless to say, Lucy’s ultimately the personification of Mother Earth. And Mother Earth seems mad. She has always been our mother; kind, loving and protective of her reckless children. Yet like all mothers she expects us to clean up after ourselves. She wants us to reflect on our actions and do better. Her company takes us back to the days that us ‘Selfi Seeking Hedonists’ still had a 100% circular way of living and were one with nature.

Food and beverages grounded in ancient food technology and knowledge 

Lucy Knows creates delicious food and beverages grounded in ancient African food technology and knowledge. So many of Lucy’s ingredients existed before there where even dinosaurs and her production follows ancestral highly sustainable cultivation methods. Via her products and services Lucy Knows offers people an alternative eating and – mind you – an alternative lifestyle.