Strategic deep dive into the brand

Miesiyu was asked to reposition G-Star within the highly competitive denim market. Because the way companies do business is changing rapidly and the age of eternal fidelity lies far behind us. Just being cool appeared not to be enough anymore. G-Star needed to be known more strongly for something beyond its name and product. Hence, we revealed a possible meaningful role the brand could play in the lives of their consumers specifically and in our society in general.

Creativity, savoir-faire and craftsmanship

G-Star RAW is expert in engineering innovative technically advanced – raw – denim. We see this reflected in its unconventional and conceptual designs with special pockets constructions, the uncommon use of trims and specific coloring of the fabric. At its core the brand is confident, strong and shows sincerity and authenticity to their creativity, savoir-faire and craftsmanship. Without ever compromising.

Brand essence

G-Star RAW is a strong proponent of embracing someone’s unique identity and accents that through a story sutured together by fabric and stitching.

Engineering unique identities

Especially people of coming generations prefer to connect to brands that hold strong, purposeful propositions, that stand for something that actually matters. And identity matters. Promoting freedom of expression not only endorses people from all walks of life to participate and contribute to society, it also gives them the opportunity to discover and celebrate who they personally are. Miesiyu proposed that G-Star RAW as a brand could explicitly be that fearless patron of the liberties of those who wish to build their own identities, in whatever way and for whatever reason. The brand proposition we distilled says it all: It’s you. RAW. Own it.

It’s you. Raw. Own it.

The strategic brand proposition was unexpectedly used in one of the G-Star RAW brand campaigns, highlighting unique personalities such as Ruby Rose, Jon Kortajarena and Nomalanga Shozi. G-Star RAW brings out who they are inside and campaigns to always stay true to who you really are, without compromise.