Tony’s Chocolonely

Strong strategic foundation for fantastic communication

For Tony’s Chocolonely we’ve created (inter)national marketing strategies and multi-year communication plans. When Tony’s asked Miesiyu to strengthen its international (US & GB) brand positioning, it was already a funky brand with a cheeky tone of voice and an inspirational brand identity. Nevertheless, in order to create more share of heart and voice the brand needed a stronger focus on explaining their reason of existence: fighting for equal business relations within the cacao industry. Taking a more activist approach Tony’s Chocolonely made a move from ‘information’ to ‘activation’ and from ‘marketing’ to ‘mobilising’. All our joint efforts are beautifully reflected in their joyful activist communication campaigns.

Proud to be part of the chocolate revolution!

Together we’ll change the unfair cacoa industry

Tony’s Chocolonely is known for its fruitful collaborations with several agencies and with a diversity of creative thinkers and doers, like Herc, Buck Amsterdam, Fitzroy and many others. Together we all contribute in our own way to the necessary change within the cacao industry that Tony’s Chocolonely envisions. Chocolate must be 100% slavefree and 100% child labor free. Not just Tony’s chocolate, but ALL chocolate worldwide.