Miesiyu Sports

Sporty sister company

At one point Miesiyu as an agency realized that in order to reinforce its impact it had to create a more physical, more tangible shape for its conviction that businesses need to impact society and vice versa. Miesiyu found its spirit entrepreneur in personal trainer Jerrel Oosterlen; a black belt Kyokushinkai sensei. Miesiyu helped him to give shape to his gym concept in light of their mutual belief, that us people only are who we are because of and in relationship to others. Both Miesiyu Sports as well as Miesiyu agency work and live up to this universal reality.

Inclusive culture

Miesiyu Sports considers mixing every kind of people as a recipe for social resilience. Cuz it’s by dealing with others that we learn essential things about ourselves and the world that we all live in. That’s why Miesiyu Sports encourages close engagement between people who aren’t fully aligned with each others ideas and behaviors, that have other opinions and beliefs or have different future perspectives. That’s also why Miesiyu Sports is a safe haven for recreational as well as professional athletes out of the LGBTQIA+ community.